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16 September 2014 @ 03:26 pm
[Movie Review] Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn 2014  
I'm just done watching this long awaited movie by all Dragon nest player ofc LOL.
This movie were released on August 2014 in China and had its debut on Cannes Film Festival and planned to hit on America some time in this month. Since this movie haven't released in America, I only manage to get the on with Chinese dub and subtitle *which is suuuuuck since my Chinese is suuuuuck*. But as DN player, i don't really need sub to understand what the fuck is happening in the movie. The movie itself planned as a trilogy, but not sure if this gonna have another sequel unless there's a good feedback.

Movie and Game Storyline
50 years ago during the reign of Cassius I the Knight King, the Black Dragon Karas raised an army and threatened the world of Altera. With the help of Elena, the Black Dragon's army consisted of a large variety of monsters. The Black Dragon's power also attracted many followers among the human populace who worked for the Black Dragon both openly and secretly.
Gerrant the Gold Dragon sent out a call to arms to all of humanity. Gerraint led his own group known as the Dragon Slayers and also became the leader of the Six Heroes, which consisted of Velskud of the Saint's Haven Royal Army, Barnac of the Free Adventurer's League, Karacule of the Astral Coven Sorceresses, Nerwin of the Silver Crescent Archers, and Terramai of the Divine Knights.

So this movie focusing on the event happened 50 years prior to today's game timeline. And our main protagonist called, Lambert. Lambert itself in game known as drill sergeant for warrior class player but he's out of picture (in game) and just known from a story tell by another NPC. Later on, he's known as one of the Apostle served unnamed man and act as one of the villain in the game. But Lambert always showed up in storyline for Kali class and one time for Tinkerer class.

Dragon Nest Movie- Warriors.mp4_000241999lambertp
left to right: Lambert movie version and game version

Yup, our hero is that stupid looking boy sleeping on the tree while he has to do a surveilance. And the awesome tough looking guy with blonde hair is him 50 years later. The only thing that make you realize it's the same guy is his hair-side braid.

And as the story we've predict, Lambert who were dozing off in the middle of surveilance is stuck in trouble and find out about a dozen of Goblin planning to attack Calderock Village. While he tried to runaway and warns the villager, his cart were attacked by angry goblins and cornered. Suddenly an anchor of flying ship flew upon the goblins and knock them down. Lambert saw this chance and hanging on the anchor to run.

As he lands on the ship, he suddenly attacked by a big-scary-looking guy. He think Lambert were an intruder who try hijacking his ship. When he finally cornered Lambert and try to blow another attack, he stopped by Gerraint (a.k.a the blonde-hot-guy). And as Gerraint say that a great Warrior shouldn't easily kill people, the big guy stopped and introduce himself as Barnac, one of the great warrior who travel with Gerraint. Lambert tho, recognize Barnac reputation and actually aspiring character that make Lambert work so hard to be a great warrior himself. While they decide what they'll do with Lambert, suddenly he jumps into bandwagon and decide by himself that he'll follow the Heroes. Argenta; Gerraint's sister, shows up and agree with Lambert decision, because that means she can play with Lambert's pets.

Dragon Nest Movie- Warriors.mp4_000617458Dragon Nest Movie- Warriors.mp4_000728250Dragon Nest Movie- Warriors.mp4_000732249
left to right: Barnac - Gerraint - Argenta

Somehow Lambert find out that these 3 gonna meet up with another warriors in Saint Haven and heading to Black Mountain to defeat Black Dragon Karas. The others Heroes are soon-to-be-Elven-Queen Nerwin, Velskud, Terramai, and Karacule. These seven people tried to convince the King to join and help them defeat Black Dragon and his army. The King reclutantly agree but somehow agree after Lambert barging in their secret meeting and throwing nonsensical stuff about how the world would destroyed and no good food for the King.

top: Velskud - Terramai
bottom: Karacule - Nerwin

And you know, a main character without love interest would be bland right? So here we go, the pretty elven girl who made our Lambert madly in love, Liya.

Dragon Nest Movie- Warriors.mp4_001605166Dragon Nest Movie- Warriors.mp4_001614208
Dragon Nest Movie- Warriors.mp4_001616333 Dragon Nest Movie- Warriors_2.mp4_001788750
Liya, Liya, Liya and Liyaaaa~

Their first encouner isn't going well as Lambert bump her in boobs and they got into a quite funny brawl about who can hit more goblins *which of course Liya is the winner*.
Liya herself come to Saint Haven with Nerwin as her aide. Just like another elf, she can't really understand male human way of thinking. But as she get close with Lambert, it turns out more complicated than she ever imagine /giggle/

And now we got into the other couple in this movie. Well they're not an actual couple, but the story getting more complicated as time goes.
Karacule and Terramai, as they're job is Sorceress and Knight (Astral Coven and Divine Knight did hate each other), they sometimes got into a disagreement about many thing. Terramai fall in love with her, while Karacule one sidedly in love with Gerraint (not shown in this story, only in game).
But somehow they are a good partner and work very well together.

Dragon Nest Movie- Warriors_2.mp4_000412125Dragon Nest Movie- Warriors_2.mp4_000426708
The analogyyyyyy!! Karacule freeze everything and Terramai melt it (tho he fail to melt her frozen heart a.k.a my-heart-is-only-for-Gerraint LOL)

Dragon Nest Movie- Warriors_2.mp4_000415458
Nope, it's not Frozen and she's not Elsa LOL

Now we move to the villain. There's 2 main villain in this movie, Dark Elf Elena and Black Dragon Karas. Elena's true intention is only helping him to rule the world and keeping her clans safety.

Dragon Nest Movie- Warriors_2.mp4_001165875Dragon Nest Movie- Warriors_3.mp4_000398791
left to right: Elena - Black Dragon Karas

Overall this movie were great. Quite awesome animation (only fail in some scene tho), great story and beautiful song. But somehow this story end up quite fail, since we don't really expecting a happy ending. Liya were safe and alive, Karacule and Barnac didn't suffer from the side effect of Dragon blood.
It's not like i don't wanna see Lambert being happy, but somehow it didn't explain how he turned into a villain in game. Some people assume that Liya's death is the trigger, but somehow this movie make it worse.

Last but not least, the song!! The original soundtrack for this song is called [Gem of Love] by Keely Hawkes and [After Dawn] by Jane Zhang. Actually it's a same song but using different language. And i'm completely in love with the song XDD

Hopefully, there'll gonna be another sequel for the movie since they did planned for a trilogy *eyeing Director-san*
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