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A better introduction post and this journal is not friend-lock except for my extra personal post.

If you happen to landed here because one and another reason, you're done!! This is my journal of doom which i mostly write nothing and even if i write something, it's totally about unimportant stuff. *grin*

This post is half done, so you might find something different in couple month *if you care enough to check*.


Short introduction:
Name: Sekar Arum *this is what you'll find in my ID* but you can call me Achi like most of my friend did or like my mother did running back and forth between Lin, Lidya or Loreley *read my profile for the reason*
Age: Currently 27 years old.
Star sign: TAURUS!! *yeah the same with Yokoo Wataru, Fukasawa Tatsuya, Vasayegh Wataru and Yokoyama You*
Nationality: Indonesian *that's why my English is suuuuuck~*
Fandom: Kis-My-Ft2, A.B.C-Z, Kanjani8, and V6.

I love Miyata Toshiya (宮田俊哉) and Yokoo Wataru (横尾渉) from Kis-My-Ft2, sometimes i'm being crazy about Nikaido Takashi too, he's my boyfriend material btw :p
Maruyama Ryuhei and Shibutani Subaru are my babies.
Okada Junichi is my dearest V6 member, but Nagano Hiroshi is always be my first love.
Takizawa Hideaki is my biggest crush for 14 years.
Snowman is my favorite Jrs group and i wish they'll debuting someday.
I love random Jrs like Takada Sho, Kochi Yugo, Teranishi Takuto, Morohoshi Shoki, Hanzawa Akatsuki, Morita Myuto, Chida Kyohei, Vasayegh Wataru and Shindo Itsuki.
Currently in love-hate relationship with Nozawa Yuki so i didn't put his name in my fave Jrs list for now. Same thing happenned with Shani, Anderson and Vasayegh Hikaru.
You can read how i encountered Johnny's fandom in here.

I'm an online gamer, been trapped in that world for 10 years. Played many type of games but Lineage 2 is my favorite. PK system, mount, beautiful scenery, gorgeous character design, open map *or i must say ENDLESS*, castle siege, fortress siege, clan war, alliance, raid boss, open PVP, Grand Olympiad for the Heroes, crazy grinding system, never found the whole package of craziness in any other game.

Sometimes i watch anime, but i'm totally picky.

If you interested to know more about me you can read it here.
But since this post is half finished, you find more about me in the other post that i'll link back here.
Or you can follow me in twitter, or my personal tumblr.
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Kis-My-Ft2 Profil Member dan Sejarah Grup

Kis-My-Ft2 pada awalnya adalah sebuah grup berisi 8 orang yang berada di bawah naungan Johnny's yang dibentuk pada 26 Juli 2005. Nama grup ini berdasarkan nama keluarga para membernya yaitu,

  • Kitayama Hiromitsu

  • Iida Kyohei

  • Senga Kento

  • Miyata Toshiya

  • Yokoo Wataru

  • Fujigaya Taisuke

  • Tamamori Yuta

  • Nikaido Takashi (Ni dalam bahasa jepang berarti 2).

Akan tetapi pada bulan Maret 2006, Iida Kyohei memutuskan keluar dari Johnny's untuk fokus pada pendidikannya dan menjadikan Kisumai sebagai grup dengan 7 orang member serta membuat Kitayama mengambil alih posisi "Ki" menggunakan namanya.

Kisumai sendiri pada awalnya merupakan gabungan dari 2 grup, Kis-My-Ft dan A.B.C Jr.
Kis-My-Ft dibentuk sekitar tahun 2004 yang beranggotakan 7 orang, yaitu:
Kitayama Hiromitsu, Iida Kyohei, Senga Kento, Matsumoto Kohei , Yokoo Wataru, Fujigaya Taisuke, Tomita Mao
Group ini hanya menyisakan 4 orang setelah Senga dipindahkan ke A.B.C Jr, Tomita Mao kembali menjadi Jr tanpa grup, dan Matsumoto Kohei bergabung dengan JJ Express dan akhirnya mundur dari Johnny's pada 2005.
A.B.C Jr sendiri beranggotakan Miyata, Tamamori dan Nikaido sebelum Senga dipindahkan ke dalam grup ini. Pada akhirnya kedua grup digabungkan menjadi Kis-My-Ft2.

Setelah 6 tahun menjadi grup Jr, pada 10 Agustus 2011 grup ini akhirnya debut dengan single mereka [Everybody Go]. 6 tahun? Yes xD Jadi bisa dibayangkan berapa banyak pengalaman yang sudah mereka dapat selama menjadi grup Jr dan berperan sebagai backdancer bagi senior mereka.

Walaupun fans sering membandingkan Kisumai dengan KAT-TUN karena gaya musiknya, mereka sendiri pernah membandingkan grup mereka dengan V6 karena menggabungkan member yang lebih muda dari ABC Jr dan member yang lebih tua dari Kis-My-Ft yang asli.

Profil member:Collapse )
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Fall Anime 2014 First Impression (Part 2)

It's been 2 weeks since i did this season's anime first impression part 1.
I dropped a lot of anime and tho i save some, it's not like it's really good, just average.
Mostly dropped after 2nd or 3rd episode but there's someanime that i've dropped even from the trailer.

1. Akatsuki no Yona

I've read its manga way before i heard that this manga will turned into anime.
The story itself is good. Yona might looks like a brat, but as the story goes, she show her mature self.
PS: Surprisingly my male friends like this anime despite a lot of ikemen and its harem-like nature.
[C12] Akatsuki no Yona - 02.mp4_001300799
Yona is awesome...

Status: Following

2. Amagi Briliant Park

This anime is just funny. Good sense of comedy, narcistic MC, cute girl with musket, rip-off mascot character *ooops sorry Moffle-chan* and stupid naming sense -well their name mostly taken from American rapper/singer, like Kanye West - Kanie Seiya, 50Cent - Isuzu Sento, Queen Latifah - Latifah Fullanza, and Seiya guardian, Ice Cube - Aisu Kyuubu.
[C12] Amagi Brilliant Park - 01.mp4_000148064[C12] Amagi Brilliant Park - 01.mp4_000526943
Narcistic Kanye West-kun and Bonta-kun rip-off LOL

Anyway, don't call Moffle-chan as a rip-off from Bonta-kun, he just a copycat *smacked by Moffle-chan*.

Status: Following

3. Cross Ange

I just surprised that i still watch this anime. It's good but i can't stand how those girls easily groping the other girls. It's not like i never did that, but somehow it gives me cringe now LOL
But still gonna following this series for Ange awesomeness.

Status: Following

4. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai

A battle of some student to be the next Shepperd of the biggest library. Not really interesting except MC is a bookworm and that's kinda cute.

Status: Dropped

5. Denki-gai no Honya-san

This one is cute, funny and crazy. Just like "Working!!" but a bit wacky.
[C12] Denki-gai no Honya-san - 02.mp4_000933098

Status: Following

6. Girl Friend Beta

Not sure what this anime wants. Based on love-sims and sets in normal school, but somehow MC were always blushing whenever she get close with a certain blond female sempai from France.

Status: Dropped

7. Grisaia no Kajitsu

Another harem anime but MC is totally a hot guy. I mean he had 6-pack belly, good-looking and he had 'job'.
[C12] Grisaia no Kajitsu - 01.mp4_000440106
I'm drolling LOL

Status: Following

8. Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Kokkuri-san, Inugami-san and Tanuki-san are good-looking stupid guys. Now i want to be Ichimatsu.
[C12] Gugure! Kokkuri-san - 02.mp4_000283549[C12] Gugure! Kokkuri-san - 02.mp4_000703669

Status: Following

9. Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de

I've had enough chuunibyou case and i don't wanna see this chuuni-boy with real superpower but too idiot to use it.

Status: Dropped

10. Ore Twintail ni Narimasu

I don't even know why i watch this...

Status: Dropped

11. Parasyte

A.k.a My-Right-Hand-is-Aya Hirano-so-I-Can-Fap-and-Get-Blown-at-the-Same-Time. This series is good and gives me a nightmare about small alien try to eat my brain and rule the world.

Status: Following

12. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

I won't write much now, but i'll make a different post about how crazy this anime is.


13. Shingeki no Bahamut

It's good but not sure how to react about MC's afro hair...

Status: Following

14. Shirobako

I love how this anime showed us how crazy behind-the-anime-production. Kinda shocked with Initial D wannabe scene thou XDDDD
[C12] Shirobako - 01.mp4_000373081[C12] Shirobako - 01.mp4_000389847
Not sure if i watch Shirobako or Initial D rip-off LOL

Status: Following

15. Yuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de aru


Status: Following

Definetely Dropped Anime:

1. Garo
2. Sora Method
3. Trinity Seven
4. Nanatsu no Taizai
5. Donten ni Warau
6. Hi School! SeHa Girl
7. Both Gundam series
8. Kaitou Joker
9. Kuro Ouji bla bla bla
10. Named those anime i haven't write.

Well, this season isn't as crazy as last season thou...
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Fall Anime 2014 First Impression (Part 1)

I'm not usually doing this stuff, but this season totally give me a lot of different kind of anime.
I only watch like 6 titles so far but can't hold this urge to spew everything i hold while watching.
For now this gonna be 1st part of my this-season-first-impression.

PS: FYI, I never play the games or read their light novel version. So don't ridicule me about someting i don't understand. This first impression purely made of my first impression, no early information from wiki or other sites.

1. Terraformars


Uhm, okay. This series give a different kind of cringe. I don't mind with how awful the series was. Severed head, body part being cut off, neck breaking, blood gushing, etc, it didn't bother me. It's only those roaches. Ugh dammit...

Status: Dropped until BD is out

2. Karen Senki

Status: Dropped after 5 minutes watching.

3. Log Horizon S2

My first impression about this fun-to-watch-anime 2nd season, ONOREEEEE DEEN!!!!!
Bring back SATELIGHT for this series!!
DEEN totally destroying this anime with their disgusting B-class animation quality.
Their animator certainly drunk while making this.

Status: Dropped until (hopefully a better quality for) BD is out.

4. Madan no Ou to Vanadis

At first i don't get my hope high for this anime. Harem and ecchi genre isn't my things. But SATELIGHT produce this series, so i give it a try, which turned out to be nice.
Too many overly-jiggling-boobies and nude scene *but still censored*, but this anime still watchable.
My friend, Dorit, did suggest me to watch it. And yeah, i love it. Main character is good-looking, skilled, but not the overly-dense-lucky-bastard type just the other MC in this kind of genre.

Status: Continued

5. Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete

Usual plot, osananajimi lived in same house because MC's parent is overseas. MC's osananajimi love him but he didn't really show that he also like her. She suddenly confessing and MC said that he actually love her too. She left him for buying some stuff in konbini but hit by bus on her way there. She's dead and MC is devastated.

...Until suddenly everything were turned back into 2 days earlier before the accident, and MC didn't have any recollection of her death. Buuuuuuuut, after a weird earthquake occur in their school, the cube Hanamiya-senpai brought is lights up and MC find a naked white haired girl. PLOOOOOT TWIST~!!

Status: Continued (for more unexpected plot twist and maybe NTR scene)

6. World Trigger

Awful graphic but quite nice story. COOONFUSEEED~

Status: (might) Dropped.

Btw i'm still checking 宮田俊哉's Kisulog, in case he had a good recommendation for this season anime.
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Weird Thought of a Certain Women (part 1)

Nothing i can say about this day except, "Today is another hot day in this tropical country".
I've been passed out from heatstroke *which rarely happen to me, but when it does, it didn't looks good*, so i spent my time staying inside, drink a whole jar of cocopandan syrup with A LOT of ice, and lurking in FB or just playing game.

Btw, i already waste so many times for leisurely hunting in PSO2. In fact that i can level up for 3-5 lv in 3 hours but i just simply don't wanna do it, so i need like a week to get 2 lv.
And now i'm being left, since everyone already hit lv 50 and i'm still leasurely staying in lv 34 LOL
But don't worry, my Child. I'm done being lazy and i want my own quarter and slap Dark Falz.

Oh and i have something to say about those girls i don't really know in Lycans Team, "GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND BE NICE WITH ME, COZ I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!!!".
I've been mad for 2 weeks at them, simply because they never reply my greeting. I'm trying to be a nice oneechan and these bitches didn't give a damn because they don't wanna get rivaled by another girl in Team. FYI bitches, i'm not a girl. I AM A WOMEN!!
Next time i greet you, you better answer me, because i just wanna know you better, not trying to be your rival.

Another thing about PSO2, i change my character hairstyle...again :v
She's been undergoing hairstyle transformation for 3 times and i'm not satisfied yet. She's been have short curly hair, twintail, normal semi-long wavy hair and the latest is braided twintail.


Btw, i forgot to take her pic when she was having her twintail, but somehow my other character still using that hairstyle, so here's how it looks like.


PS: It's still a plan, but i'm gonna make another character when my primary character hit lv. 50. Just a bit spoiler, my next character will be a men and he'll looks like Miyacchi <3

Okay, enough with PSO2 shit.
Actually i saw this tagging game in FB this morning. It was like, write down your 10 favorite/memorable anime all this time and why you love them.
Since no one actually tagging me, but i wanna do this, so i'll write it here and i'll also write down a recap for this season's impression.


There's a lot of reason behind this choice, from "because i love Heian period" to "too many heartbreaking moment and i can't stop crying everytime i rewatch this anime".
This anime itself is not so awesome, without 3D cell-shading or awesome drawing technique. They draw the character handsome enough or beautiful enough so we won't feel like we're watching a crappy anime.
But, the best thing of this anime didn't lay on their graphic, it's on the story. Mostly it ended with a tragic separation by family ranks, death or even the other side is marrying another person.

[C12] Utakoi - 10.mp4_000200503[C12] Utakoi - 10.mp4_000206383
If i were Sei Shonagon i will scream like "NOOOOO SANEKATA-SAMA, PLEASE COMEBACK TO MEEEEE!! BUHUHUHU"


[C12] Utakoi - 10.mp4_001217261[C12] Utakoi - 10.mp4_001220789
Move on? Move on it's just a myth :v

I've been rewatching this anime like twice a week since 2 years ago and still can't get over the feeling of those heart crushing moment XDD

2. Rinne no Lagrange

20,000 years ago Queen Maycun and her Voxes destroying Earth and made the rest of it's people run to another planet known as La Garite and De Metrio. Today in our beautiful Earth, 3 girls from 3 different planet were destined to ride those Vox and protect this galaxy.
Okay, that sounds usual right? A usual plot with usual storyline. Or that's what i thought, until this...

RNLSoulreaperzone - 01.mp4_001300340RNLSoulreaperzone - 03.mp4_000650441RNLSoulreaperzone - 03.mp4_000681847

What kind of heroine that doing German Suplex, kendo move or strangle her enemy with cable?? Only Madoka who can do it LOL
The other 2 character didn't really stand out against Madoka. She and her Jersey Club's spirit is the most hilarious thing in this anime XDD

Okay done with part 1. I'll write the rest of this stuff later <3
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[Movie Review] Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn 2014

I'm just done watching this long awaited movie by all Dragon nest player ofc LOL.
This movie were released on August 2014 in China and had its debut on Cannes Film Festival and planned to hit on America some time in this month. Since this movie haven't released in America, I only manage to get the on with Chinese dub and subtitle *which is suuuuuck since my Chinese is suuuuuck*. But as DN player, i don't really need sub to understand what the fuck is happening in the movie. The movie itself planned as a trilogy, but not sure if this gonna have another sequel unless there's a good feedback.

Movie and Game Storyline
Collapse )
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[Fic] Easy Trick

Pairing: Miyata Toshiya x Loreley
Rating: G
Summary: Miyata is gross and Loreley love his gross side.
Author's Note: I'm flailing at concert report and suddenly cumiechiki said "Write abt your cheesy summer kakigoori date with him". Challenge accepted!!
PS: I've edit some part of this, so you might find a different stuff from the one i post in FB earlier XD

[Kakigoori?]"I want kakigoori. You should buy it for me."

Miyata looks at the woman in front of him. "You can ask for anything else if you want, i'm treating you, you know?" he answer with a stupid grin like he always do. It's his punishment afterall. Making Loreley wait for 30 minutes.

Saying that Mint-kun bite his shoes again and he had to fight him because it's his favorite shoes won't help him much.

"I said, I want kakigoori." She repeat with a fierce and clear voice. Miyata know from her tone that she's totally mad and she won't care about any excuse he made. The only thing he can do is following her pace, do whatever she want and his life will be spare.

"Okay, let's buy kakigoori." Miyata sighing "Though i prefer to treat you something that more expensive than kakigoori."

"Shut up, Toshi-kun. It's summer and that's all i want to eat today."

Miyata curl his lips slightly so Loreley won't notice his smile. Loreley were always like this. She can't be rejected. But Miyata doesn't mind about that, he loves being ordered around especially by Tama and Loreley.

While walking to Loreley's favorite kakigoori stall, he notice that her mood is a bit off. She can't stand summer at all. Though she's wearing a blue-polkadot-sleveless dress, she'd still wipe her forehead from sweat. Even when sweating, she looks adorable. The sight of a sweat rolling down on her forehead is enticing. He didn't realize his hand were moving by itself, tempted to wipe it from her forehead.

"What are you looking at, Toshi-kun?" she suddenly snap as she realize Miyata were looking at her with creepy smile and hand sticking toward her head.

"Eh- Ah? No-nothing!" Miyata stumbled at his own word, try to find a good follow-up before Loreley throw another tantrum and Miyata should treating her something next time. "You're sweating though you're wearing a summer-y dress."

"What are you even talking about!?" she snap at Miyata weird retort, "You even smelled like a stray dog with your sweat drenched your tee,".

Miyata just smile innocently. He never regreting his stupid follow-up.

But he saved from her next tantrum by the kakigoori stall which just another few metres from where they're now. He ordered 2 special kakigoori. No need to ask her choice anyway, since her sudden bright face show it all.

For him, Loreley is a challenge and also easy to read. Miyata won't know when he'll push the wrong button and she'll suddenly flip out. In contrary it's easy to make her smile. She love simple stuffs. Ice cream, baloon, sweet drink, candy or her favorite kakigoori. "Shaved ice in Japan is kinda different with shaved ice from my country." she always said that everytime she eats it.

Miyata is a dumb about love. He always clueless about how to make his girlfriend happy. But with Loreley it's always like shoujo anime and a zombie-type anime blend into one. He don't know which type of anime will showed up first. But it's always ended up with her smiling happily.

As for Loreley, she always said that Miyata is gross but cute. Loreley herself is a tsundere. She'll scream and automatically swearing f-words in front of him. But Miyata know, deep inside, her heart is jumping around and skipped too many beats. He loves being scolded just to see that reaction. And he plans to do it now.

"Do you know," he says as they sit in a park bench hidden behind a big tree, "When we heat up shaved ice, it'll melt, right?". He scoops a bit of his kakigoori and eat it. It's cold and sweet in his tongue.

Loreley eyed him with a suspicious look. "I DO know,"

Miyata smile and continue, "Similar to that," as he suddenly face her and put the grossest smile he have, "I want to heat you up and melt you." And Loreley's reaction after that is the best. She slap him on forehead. She's gaping at lost of words and fight a smile that almost slip from her lips.

"S-s-stupid!" as she stuttering, "I don't wanna being heated by a bundle of sweat like you," she blurts out while trying facing the other way to hide her blushing face. Her cheek were so red.

Miyata grins and he's totally proud with his gross self. This is it. "Really?" as he put his kakigoori in bench, move closer to Loreley and hug her.

"Kyaaaaaa!" Loreley jumps a bit but she didn't move away. She's still looking away with a blushing cheek and ear. "D-don't suddenly hug me," he know her heart is explode. Her blushing is getting stronger. But he's still far away from done teasing her.

"But I've told you right?" as he hug her harder than before and whisper on her ear, "I want to melt you.."
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So, uhm...
You know that i've decide to do Kisumai 30 days challenge again this year. But somehow i skipped alot :v
RL and Raya preparation is in the way, can't even catching up with Kisumai and Eito stuff.
When i open cumiechiki's LJ, i found out that she did it too, so i might continuing it.
But in the other side yukiko_no_niji have her own version of Kisumai 30 days challenge *which is more fun than the one i got from FB page*.

Not sure which challenge i should pick...
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Love Like This

Kisumai 30 Days Challenge Day 2!!
Almost forgot about this since i'm busy taking care of my mom. LOL she's fine, just always love bothering for a small matter XDD

So Day 2 challenge is [Share your favorite photo of your favorite member and explain why you like his picture so much]

So my favorite picture is THIS ONE!!

[Spoiler (click to open)]img078x

Miyacchi looks so damn sexy and gorgeous. My favorite pic of him EVER!!

In case you forget, my another favorite is WATTA~!! So this is my fave picture of him.


Wataru + Sword = Owning!! *giggles*
Btw, don't mind about Nika being there too. I'm too lazy to cut him and i don't wanna do it either XD
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Kisumai Anniversary 30 Days Challenge *again*

So here i am, doing this stuff again. But what's makes this different is, i've made a right calculation, so i'll finish this challenge right at August 10th.

FYI, i took this challenge from Kisu Aniversario reto 30 días con Kis My Ft2 fanpage. I'll also repost this challenge to my own page Kis My Ft2 Indonesia Fanpage using my mother language.

Here we go~


How did you meet Kis-My-Ft2?

Like i always said, i met Kisumai around 2006. They we're mentioned in a small column for idol in a local anime magazine. Actually they didn't even bothered to named all of the members. They just write about a group who'll succeed Hikaru Genji. Later on, i watch few videos of random Johnny's group *Shokura and some random perf* and in one of those videos is Senga Kento dancing and singing "Andalusia ni Akogarete". This part is kinda confusing for me too. I have the video but at that time i don't know who is this boy and about him being Kisumai member.
But everything we're finally makes sense to me on 2011, when i watched Johnny's Countdown video from my senior. And that's how i meet them and decided to support them.

Kisumai Hadaka no Jidai 1