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11 July 2014 @ 11:46 pm
Kisumai Anniversary 30 Days Challenge *again*  
So here i am, doing this stuff again. But what's makes this different is, i've made a right calculation, so i'll finish this challenge right at August 10th.

FYI, i took this challenge from Kisu Aniversario reto 30 días con Kis My Ft2 fanpage. I'll also repost this challenge to my own page Kis My Ft2 Indonesia Fanpage using my mother language.

Here we go~


How did you meet Kis-My-Ft2?

Like i always said, i met Kisumai around 2006. They we're mentioned in a small column for idol in a local anime magazine. Actually they didn't even bothered to named all of the members. They just write about a group who'll succeed Hikaru Genji. Later on, i watch few videos of random Johnny's group *Shokura and some random perf* and in one of those videos is Senga Kento dancing and singing "Andalusia ni Akogarete". This part is kinda confusing for me too. I have the video but at that time i don't know who is this boy and about him being Kisumai member.
But everything we're finally makes sense to me on 2011, when i watched Johnny's Countdown video from my senior. And that's how i meet them and decided to support them.

Kisumai Hadaka no Jidai 1
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