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10 August 2014 @ 02:36 pm
[Fic] Easy Trick  
Pairing: Miyata Toshiya x Loreley
Rating: G
Summary: Miyata is gross and Loreley love his gross side.
Author's Note: I'm flailing at concert report and suddenly cumiechiki said "Write abt your cheesy summer kakigoori date with him". Challenge accepted!!
PS: I've edit some part of this, so you might find a different stuff from the one i post in FB earlier XD

[Kakigoori?]"I want kakigoori. You should buy it for me."

Miyata looks at the woman in front of him. "You can ask for anything else if you want, i'm treating you, you know?" he answer with a stupid grin like he always do. It's his punishment afterall. Making Loreley wait for 30 minutes.

Saying that Mint-kun bite his shoes again and he had to fight him because it's his favorite shoes won't help him much.

"I said, I want kakigoori." She repeat with a fierce and clear voice. Miyata know from her tone that she's totally mad and she won't care about any excuse he made. The only thing he can do is following her pace, do whatever she want and his life will be spare.

"Okay, let's buy kakigoori." Miyata sighing "Though i prefer to treat you something that more expensive than kakigoori."

"Shut up, Toshi-kun. It's summer and that's all i want to eat today."

Miyata curl his lips slightly so Loreley won't notice his smile. Loreley were always like this. She can't be rejected. But Miyata doesn't mind about that, he loves being ordered around especially by Tama and Loreley.

While walking to Loreley's favorite kakigoori stall, he notice that her mood is a bit off. She can't stand summer at all. Though she's wearing a blue-polkadot-sleveless dress, she'd still wipe her forehead from sweat. Even when sweating, she looks adorable. The sight of a sweat rolling down on her forehead is enticing. He didn't realize his hand were moving by itself, tempted to wipe it from her forehead.

"What are you looking at, Toshi-kun?" she suddenly snap as she realize Miyata were looking at her with creepy smile and hand sticking toward her head.

"Eh- Ah? No-nothing!" Miyata stumbled at his own word, try to find a good follow-up before Loreley throw another tantrum and Miyata should treating her something next time. "You're sweating though you're wearing a summer-y dress."

"What are you even talking about!?" she snap at Miyata weird retort, "You even smelled like a stray dog with your sweat drenched your tee,".

Miyata just smile innocently. He never regreting his stupid follow-up.

But he saved from her next tantrum by the kakigoori stall which just another few metres from where they're now. He ordered 2 special kakigoori. No need to ask her choice anyway, since her sudden bright face show it all.

For him, Loreley is a challenge and also easy to read. Miyata won't know when he'll push the wrong button and she'll suddenly flip out. In contrary it's easy to make her smile. She love simple stuffs. Ice cream, baloon, sweet drink, candy or her favorite kakigoori. "Shaved ice in Japan is kinda different with shaved ice from my country." she always said that everytime she eats it.

Miyata is a dumb about love. He always clueless about how to make his girlfriend happy. But with Loreley it's always like shoujo anime and a zombie-type anime blend into one. He don't know which type of anime will showed up first. But it's always ended up with her smiling happily.

As for Loreley, she always said that Miyata is gross but cute. Loreley herself is a tsundere. She'll scream and automatically swearing f-words in front of him. But Miyata know, deep inside, her heart is jumping around and skipped too many beats. He loves being scolded just to see that reaction. And he plans to do it now.

"Do you know," he says as they sit in a park bench hidden behind a big tree, "When we heat up shaved ice, it'll melt, right?". He scoops a bit of his kakigoori and eat it. It's cold and sweet in his tongue.

Loreley eyed him with a suspicious look. "I DO know,"

Miyata smile and continue, "Similar to that," as he suddenly face her and put the grossest smile he have, "I want to heat you up and melt you." And Loreley's reaction after that is the best. She slap him on forehead. She's gaping at lost of words and fight a smile that almost slip from her lips.

"S-s-stupid!" as she stuttering, "I don't wanna being heated by a bundle of sweat like you," she blurts out while trying facing the other way to hide her blushing face. Her cheek were so red.

Miyata grins and he's totally proud with his gross self. This is it. "Really?" as he put his kakigoori in bench, move closer to Loreley and hug her.

"Kyaaaaaa!" Loreley jumps a bit but she didn't move away. She's still looking away with a blushing cheek and ear. "D-don't suddenly hug me," he know her heart is explode. Her blushing is getting stronger. But he's still far away from done teasing her.

"But I've told you right?" as he hug her harder than before and whisper on her ear, "I want to melt you.."
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cumiechikicumiechiki on August 10th, 2014 08:03 am (UTC)
asdfghjklkjhgfdsasdfghjkl the ama~i serifu!!! do you know how hard i tried to keep my giggle? (bc there's ppl around and normal ppl won't understand crazy fangirls) i actually fidgeted in my seat a lot XDDDDD omg this is so cute. Miyata is cute ^_^ Loreley is very tsuntsun. at the end she sounds a bit like Tama lol XDDD

ps: i haven't read the note on fb yet.
Sekar Arummairunovich on August 10th, 2014 09:36 am (UTC)
thanks for commenting here <3
i already imagine that amai serifu since you post your translation and i can't stop giggling every 10 seconds when i wrote this. Miyata is totally gross, but i don't know why it's cute at the same time XD
I'm Tama-chan's tsundere-twin :v
cumiechikicumiechiki on August 10th, 2014 10:24 am (UTC)
the whole thing is just so sweet and cute. i like miyata a tad more from this fic. well, maybe i'll find him gross again in kisubusa XDD