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26 September 2014 @ 01:45 pm
Weird Thought of a Certain Women (part 1)  
Nothing i can say about this day except, "Today is another hot day in this tropical country".
I've been passed out from heatstroke *which rarely happen to me, but when it does, it didn't looks good*, so i spent my time staying inside, drink a whole jar of cocopandan syrup with A LOT of ice, and lurking in FB or just playing game.

Btw, i already waste so many times for leisurely hunting in PSO2. In fact that i can level up for 3-5 lv in 3 hours but i just simply don't wanna do it, so i need like a week to get 2 lv.
And now i'm being left, since everyone already hit lv 50 and i'm still leasurely staying in lv 34 LOL
But don't worry, my Child. I'm done being lazy and i want my own quarter and slap Dark Falz.

Oh and i have something to say about those girls i don't really know in Lycans Team, "GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND BE NICE WITH ME, COZ I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!!!".
I've been mad for 2 weeks at them, simply because they never reply my greeting. I'm trying to be a nice oneechan and these bitches didn't give a damn because they don't wanna get rivaled by another girl in Team. FYI bitches, i'm not a girl. I AM A WOMEN!!
Next time i greet you, you better answer me, because i just wanna know you better, not trying to be your rival.

Another thing about PSO2, i change my character hairstyle...again :v
She's been undergoing hairstyle transformation for 3 times and i'm not satisfied yet. She's been have short curly hair, twintail, normal semi-long wavy hair and the latest is braided twintail.


Btw, i forgot to take her pic when she was having her twintail, but somehow my other character still using that hairstyle, so here's how it looks like.


PS: It's still a plan, but i'm gonna make another character when my primary character hit lv. 50. Just a bit spoiler, my next character will be a men and he'll looks like Miyacchi <3

Okay, enough with PSO2 shit.
Actually i saw this tagging game in FB this morning. It was like, write down your 10 favorite/memorable anime all this time and why you love them.
Since no one actually tagging me, but i wanna do this, so i'll write it here and i'll also write down a recap for this season's impression.


There's a lot of reason behind this choice, from "because i love Heian period" to "too many heartbreaking moment and i can't stop crying everytime i rewatch this anime".
This anime itself is not so awesome, without 3D cell-shading or awesome drawing technique. They draw the character handsome enough or beautiful enough so we won't feel like we're watching a crappy anime.
But, the best thing of this anime didn't lay on their graphic, it's on the story. Mostly it ended with a tragic separation by family ranks, death or even the other side is marrying another person.

[C12] Utakoi - 10.mp4_000200503[C12] Utakoi - 10.mp4_000206383
If i were Sei Shonagon i will scream like "NOOOOO SANEKATA-SAMA, PLEASE COMEBACK TO MEEEEE!! BUHUHUHU"


[C12] Utakoi - 10.mp4_001217261[C12] Utakoi - 10.mp4_001220789
Move on? Move on it's just a myth :v

I've been rewatching this anime like twice a week since 2 years ago and still can't get over the feeling of those heart crushing moment XDD

2. Rinne no Lagrange

20,000 years ago Queen Maycun and her Voxes destroying Earth and made the rest of it's people run to another planet known as La Garite and De Metrio. Today in our beautiful Earth, 3 girls from 3 different planet were destined to ride those Vox and protect this galaxy.
Okay, that sounds usual right? A usual plot with usual storyline. Or that's what i thought, until this...

RNLSoulreaperzone - 01.mp4_001300340RNLSoulreaperzone - 03.mp4_000650441RNLSoulreaperzone - 03.mp4_000681847

What kind of heroine that doing German Suplex, kendo move or strangle her enemy with cable?? Only Madoka who can do it LOL
The other 2 character didn't really stand out against Madoka. She and her Jersey Club's spirit is the most hilarious thing in this anime XDD

Okay done with part 1. I'll write the rest of this stuff later <3
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