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Snow White in Tropical Island

Sekar Arum
28 April
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Sekar Arum, 26 y.o, you can call me Achi like most of my friends do, or Lidya or sometimes Loreley like my rebellious mother do *seems like it's her favorite name and already choose it for me but dad insist that i should use my current name*.

Born in Indonesia, tropical country with lots of volcanic mountain and beautiful beach. 75% Javanese and 25% mixed blood that i won't tell you but totally not Chinese *not that i hate being called Chinese, but i am not, i'm just white and Asian*.

I like those groups under Johnny's, but i love Kis-My-Ft2 the most.
Favorites? Miyata = Yokoo -> Nikaido -> Kitayama -> Senga -> Fujigaya -> Tamamori.
I share my love for Miyata and Yokoo fairly, Nikaido is my boyfriend material, Kitayama is cute, talkative and funny, Senga is my forever cutie baby gorilla, Fujigaya is the guy i want to be my dad if i'm reincarnated, and i don't really like Tamamori but he always be the cute tsundere little sister in Kisumai for me.

I love those JRs too. My fave is currently Takada Sho and Yugo Kouchi, but i added Teranishi Takuto, Morohoshi Shoki and Hanzawa Akatsuki in my list. My fave JR group is Snowman. Totally in love with Hamanaka Bunichi dorkyness and this little boy i saw in Kisumai's KimiKise PV, Shindo Itsuki *he looks like Miyata when he was JR*. Currently in love-hate relationship with Nozawa Yuki. Still not sure about adding Vasayegh Hikaru, Shani and Anderson in my list for now, but baby Vasayegh Wataru is a must.

I'm also in 3 other group fandom, A.B.C-Z, V6 and Kanjani8 but not really update these days.

My Johnny's first crush is Nagano Hiroshi of V6, i fall in love with him when i was 10 *totally blame Ultraman Tiga for this*.

But then i meet with my second crush in age of 12 * which lasted longer than the first*, he is Takizawa Hideaki. I'm totally in love with him until now and because i'm a gamer, i spent my time for MMORPG, i never tried to find out about Takki and Johnny's.

It tooks about another 2 years to reach this enlightment about Johnny's awesomeness. I was a college student when i finally taking fully interest towards Johnny's and i step into wrong fandom, welcome into the jungle of Kanjani8 awesome craziness.

I graduate from art department in my uni at 2010 and work as graphic designer for 2 year and turn out my passion is teaching, especially English. Yup i waste 5 years in uni and ended up taking another course to be an English teacher. But my English still suck *well at least better than my HS English teacher btw* and i still have 2 years before graduate, but mom already tired waiting for me LOL.

Currently unemployed until this April where i'm gonna step my foot back into graphic designer hell for living and pay my tuition if i really wanna be a teacher.

I'm Online Gamer, specializing in MMORPG but sometimes i play DOTA 2 and Counter Strike.
But my favorite MMORPG is Lineage 2 which i played since my highschool year. I always choose Swordsinger-Swordmuse class since it's a totally unique class.

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